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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  September 1, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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hello. i'm jay see hayward. thanks for being with us. we begin with the unemployment claims. the government said the claims
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fell last week and that's a sign the job market might improve. >> reporter: the stocks are sticking off a new month with gains after a wild august. reports on manufacturing and construction were slightly better than expected. there is a sign the job market may be improving. fewer people applied for unemployment benefits last week. the labe department said weekly applications fell by 12,000. the first decline in 3 weeks. retailers are reporting solid sales for last month. target and wet seal said the new school year helped. the builders are cutting back on construction spending. it fell 1.3% in july with sharp productions -- reductions in government building projects. and netflix is raising prices by 60%. now if you get unlimited dvd and internet video combined it
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will cost you an extra $6 a month. that's your money watch. in new york, i'm alexis christofferrous. the president has agreed to reschedule a major job speech before joint session of congress. the move comes after complaints from john boehner. he argued that the original date for the address set for 8:00 p.m. next wednesday conflicted with a republican presidential debate that was happening at the same time. the white house agreed to move the speech to thursday night, which now will conflict with the beginning of the nfl football season. central virginia has been shaken by another after shock from last week's earthquake. the u.s. geological survey reports a 3.4 magnitude after shock occurred at 50:00 9:00 a.m. this morning. the epicenter was 4 miles south, southeast of mineral
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virginia. mineral was the seppi center of last tuesday's 5.8 magnitude earthquake that rattled the east coast. more than 20 after shocks have followed that earthquake. and caught on tape, new surveillance video of the earthquake as it hit lou he'sa high school. teachers and students run out of classes to escape debris. schools in the county suffered at least $60 million worth of damage. they are trying to determine whether they can repair the buildings or whether they will have to replace them. now we have the latest information on the aftermath of hurricane irene. there is good news for students and parents in prince george county. glenarden woods will open for classes tomorrow. the school has been closed all week because it lost power. but officials are now saying that the classes will begin at
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glenarden elementary school on time tomorrow, friday, september 2nd. glenarden woods is the last school to reopen in prince george's county due to the hurricane. now that the rivers are receding in new jersey, flood victims are assessing their damage. many have water in their basements and face massive repairs. randall pinkston has more from patterson, new jersey. >> this is a floor. >> reporter: kenneth o'neal still has 6 feet of water in his basement. >> it usually gets up to 3 steps and now it's up -- you see the wall where it was wet is how high it was. >> reporter: the water is now receding in fairfield, new jersey and across towns in the northeast. residents are starting to find out how much damage was left behind. for many it is staggering. >> washer, dryer, hot water heater, boiler. that's the major stuff. >> reporter: a broken oil tank forced diane out of her home. >> we have to get hazmat in here to clean it up and i
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don't know how long it will be before it's liveable again. >> reporter: the president will be here this weekend -- to look at the damage and recovery. lake passaic has forced thousands to leave their homes. alec witherspoon has been out of his apartment since friday. >> what do you think has happened to your furniture? >> its ruined. >> reporter: in vermont utility officials are making progress to get the lights back on but about 6,000 customers are still without power. the state is also scrambling to repair the crumbled roads. emergency routes are now open to all isolated villages. local officials are determined to have their roads ready in time for the state winter ski season. randall pinkston, cbs news, patterson, new jersey. >> one estimate puts storm damage from irene at more than $7 billion. well in our area, agriculture officials are saying southern maryland and the lower eastern shore
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sustained most of the damage from irene. farmers on the eastern shore saw a lot of their corn fields destroyed. many scrambled to harvest as much of the crops as they could before the arrival of the storm. most of the corn stalked stayed hup right in greg gannon's field but other farmers weren't so lucky. >> when it's ready to harvest, it makes harvesting a night mere, especially if it goes flat. >> gannon said he was able to harvest 20% of his crop. he's waiting for the soil to dry up before returning to the fields. fairfax county is in the black. wtop reports that the largest county in the washington metropolitan area will end the fiscal year with a $100 million surplus. board of supervisors chairwoman said most of the money will be carried over into the current budget to protect against a slow
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economy. but county employees will get a 1.5% cost of living increase. starting today it is illegal to feed deer in virginia. the feeding ban is in effect until september 1st -- from september 1st until the first week of january. and the ban overlaps the hunting season in virginia where accidents can occur between hunters and people who put out feed for the deer. the practice can be interpreted as baiting, which is also illegal. all state has just released the annual america's best drivers report. kristin fisher reports, many drivers aren't surprised to learn that our region ranked dead last. >> reporter: what city in the u.s. do you think has the worst drivers? >> d.c. >> i think we're up there. am i right? >> we're the worst. >> we're the worst. >> reporter: washington, d.c. drivers are the worst in the country for a second year in a row. according to allstate, only slightly better is baltimore,
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maryland, not far behind that is alexandria ranking 10th and arlington clocking in at 14th. so why is it four of the top 14 cities in the worst drivers list are in our area. >> because a lot of people from around here don't know the roadways. >> probably because of the traffic. >> everyone is in a hurry. >> reporter: and this is the full report and allstate based its rankings on the frequency of car collisions in the top 200 cities in the u.s. the critical indicator is the average years between accidents. if you go all the way down to the bottom where washington, d.c. is, you'll see that d.c. drivers on average get into an accident once every 4.8 years. but if you scroll up, ft. collins, colorado, which is the safest for drivers, you'll see that drivers there on average get in an accident only once every 14 years. >> what makes this city the best city is that the average
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driver in ft. collins has a collision once every 14 years which is 30% less likely than the average u.s. driver. >> reporter: in washington, kristin fisher, 9 news now. >> los angeles ranked 12th in terms of the cities with the least safe drivers. new york city ranked 23rd. coming up ahead on 9 news now at noon, remembering 9/11. we'll tell you about a major exhibit that is opening in the washington area. plus the battle for libya. world leaders gather in paris to discuss what is next. we'll have those stories and more just ahead. [ agent ] so your policy looks good, is there anything else?
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plans are under way to remember the 10 year anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. and a new exhibit will be opening tomorrow at the museum. they already have displayed focusing on the role the journalists played covering the attacks. this is called g-men in journalists and looking at the fbi's role in fighting terrorism and how much it has changed since the attacks. the smithsonian will hold a preview of a special exhibit
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today to mark the anniversary. the exhibit is called september 11, remembrance and reflection. it has more than 50 objects from the world trade center, the pentagon and shanksville. and many items will be on public display starting on saturday at the national museum of american history. let's turn our attention to the unrest in libya. world leaders are meeting in paris. they are planning libya's future. dictator moammar gadhafi is still in hiding while the rebels are vowing to capture him. tina krause has more from london. >> reporter: moammar gadhafi spoke on a arabic tv channel vowing his backers would not give up. he said let there be a long fight and let libya be engulfed in flames. some say they are close to catching gadhafi who is said to be hiding in the desert
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south of tripoli. one son offered to negotiate a truce. the other vowed to fight to the death. al-islam said 20,000 armed men are ready to defend gadhafi. hillary clinton joined world leaders to chart a plan for libya's world future. 60 world powers will hear what rebels need to stabilize the nation. libya's interim government wants access to billions of dollars of moammar gadhafi assets that are frozen around the world. rebels got their hands on the first shipment of cash overnight to keep the battle going. hundreds of libians loyal to gadhafi fled their homes in the capitol and say they live in fear of the rebels. she said they told us we will return and wipe you out. but most libians are celebrating the end of gadhafi's reign on this 42nd anniversary of his rise to power. they are snapping photos of
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his shattered compound and driving freely over pictures of his face. tina krause, cbs news. coming up on 9 news now at noon, he shoots, he scores, but there will be no payoff. we'll explain when we come back. i'm meteorologist howard bernstein. enjoy the sunshine now but we may have some storms over the next few hours. we have a look at the allergy update. a little bit of good news in the sense that the grass pollen has come down. weeds and mold are still high. seven-day forecast, looking at the tropics and petline thursday is coming up when 9 news now returns. [ screaming ]
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i want to remind you to go to my new website, each day because i report on activities that i attend special things that are happening in the city and also i have a video blog each day. tell your friends about it, your neighbors, your colleagues. i want to tell you about the little boy who made an incredible hockey shot. it was worth $50,000. we're finding out he's not going to get paid. the company that insured the event said it's not paying because the shot was made by the boy's twin brother.
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11-year-old nate smith shot the puck through a tiny hole from 89 feet. his father told him to take the shot because his twin brother was outside when his name was called. now instead of the big prize, the $50,000, the insurer said that it will donate $20,000 to youth hockey in minnesota in the boy's name. that ain't good enough. >> sure it is. >> no, that's not good enough. >> the kid was outside. the wrong kid took the shot. >> oh, come on. it's a technicality. he made it. give him the $50,000. >> but he never would have had the chance to make it because his name wasn't called. >> give him the $50,000. >> your $50,000. >> your 50,000? >> don't be cheap. >> i'm just playing devil's advocate with you here. and the afternoon may see a couple of showers and storms north and west of town. let's get started with a look at the day planner. we're looking okay for another hour and then toward 3:00, we could have a couple of showers and storms here.
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we'll have temperatures in the lower 80s, trying to gut up to 84, 85 this afternoon. dip a little bit after the storms by 5:00 but holding on to 80 toward 7:00. southwest winds 5-10 miles per hour and by 9:00 partly cloudy conditions. look at the radar and lightning combined, seeing all of this out of pennsylvania and western maryland and west virginia. and over toward i-81. frederick, get ready, this is knocking on your doorstep. and here is a look at live doppler 9000 hd and lightning into frederick. it picks up toward hagerstown west on 70 and 68 and also just west of winchester, this guy has some lightning and thunder. they are moving off toward the east southeast at 30 miles per hour so upper montgomery county may see some rain within the next 30-40 minutes. say story in loudoun county as all of this is coming out of jefferson county, west virginia and out of
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hagerstown, charlestown. but the heaviest stuff near winchester. and its hefty moving toward the south east at 30 miles per hour but cross junction, maybe even steen city toward the south and east. and temperatures in the 60s. well we sit at 80 degrees right now. easton is 82. partly cloudy skies and south winds and 6 and the dew point sitting at 60. so the relative humidity is at 50%. we have katia way in the atlantic. this guy might develop into something and then in the gulf we may get a system to develop. so we could have katia, lee and/or maria. and we'll watch this for the northern gulf. and for us, we'll watch this northwesterly flow with a chance of a shower today and again as we head into tonight and the overnight. tomorrow morning may be sprinkles. so 85 today. watch out for a shower today and into friday. friday 86. and more heat over the weekend as we get into the 90-degree range. could see a storm saturday but
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i'm thinking there is a better chance for storms as we head toward sunday and monday. monday comes a front so that will cool us down to the low 80s and by tuesday sunny and very pleasant with a high temperature in the mid-70s. getting some of the clouds to move into d.c. we're on the weather terrace. it is thursday and this is juliannea williams from the montgomery county humane society. >> hello. >> and you have this black cat. >> yes. this is omni. he is a 2-year-old male cat that came in as a stray. but as you can see, he's quite the lap cat. he loves to cuddle and just hang out with you. >> look at at that scratch. >> not a scratch, but a love. >> and now i have a special on black cats. >> through september all of the adoption fees are waved on black cats and so if you come in they are free. all you have to do is pay the licensing fee. >> which is? >> i don't know. >> it can't be much to get a
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licensing fee in montgomery county. so a pretty cat. over here, omni. how can people contact you? >> people can go to our website at and there you can see our adoptable pets and learn about the special. >> there is omni, a pretty cat that needs a home. and the info is on our website at click on the petline section. and we'll be back with more 9 news now at noon right after this.
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i have a special guest who says what the world needs is sweetness and decency. i love that. i would like for you to meet sister jenna. she's the director of the meditation museum. it's in downtown silver spring on georgia avenue and what do you do at the meditation museum, besides meditate. >> why don't you come and find out. >> i do. i want to come. you have so many programs. >> there are a variety of things that happen at the newsy um because it is all circled around the arts. if it wasn't for art, the world wouldn't be beautiful. and so why not have a museum in washington to educate us on who we really are. so the minute you step in, the activities begin the vibrations and the atmosphere reminds you of your power of stillness and power of peace. so we have programs like don't
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get mad, get wise. we have a cooking for peace, vegetarian cooking program. we have young, which is young adults in the arts, between the ages of 13-25. and we will be hosting that on saturday coming up. >> wonderful. >> to get kids together to do something constructive with their time and energy. >> so many people are facing -- well we all have stress. but with an earthquake. >> wasn't that a week. >> and a hurricane. >> a lot of people are stressed out. you have tip that's -- tips that people can use right now in their life >> something important to understand is that it's not easy to be prepared after a calamity or during a calamity. it is imperative that we start ourselves before crisis occurs. and so the first and most fundamental way of preparing ourselves is to listen to what your thoughts are saying in
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your mind. there is a world in you. and when you listen to that world inside of you, you become clear. >> and take time out each day for yourself. >> certainly. that's listening. >> sister jenna with the meditation museum on georgia avenue in silver spring. come back at 5:00.
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